Our story

Residence ‘97 Ltd. was established in 1997 based on over 10 years of experience in Expatriate’s Services. Our colleagues have been amongst the first ones to help foreigners enter the country and obtain all necessary help and documents needed for their comfortable and trouble free life.

Our long years of experience and observations have led to the establishment of this company, with the same goals on our minds: high value services for a trouble free life. In our world of multinational companies our business handles all clients as a person and as a friend.

Current situation

Our company has successfully taken up the fight and kept the pace with rival multinational companies, and managed to realize significant progress in recent years. However we try to offer even more than other companies. In addition to our growing range of services we will continue to pay special, personal attention to our customers’ needs, problems and special requests.

Through our increased and expanded services we can ensure relocation to run as smoothly as possible with the least inconvenience.

Private Customers

The staff of Residence Relocation with personalized services and a customer-friendly philosophy strives to fulfill every customers needs. We guarantee the appointment of a private contact person, accurate and on-time assistance and smooth communication.

We offer special assistance to our private customers, with legal, accountant and emigrational consultancy.

Corporate Customers

Over the years, we have paid more and more attention to the development of our expanding Corporate Services. With unchanged goals, but with more complex and customized services, and tailor made packages for each company we strive to take off the burden from our corporate partners’ in relation with the re-location of their new employees. We ease the hardships of re-location for both our partners and their new employees in close collaboration with the HR.

Seven simple reasons

why to work with Residence Relocation!


  1. Because we have up to date information about legal and legislative changes

At Residence Relocation our databases are continuously updated with the latest and most reliable information regarding all legal and legislative changes. We can help your company comply with all rules and regulations. Partners no longer need to worry about the constantly changing legislation and state requirements.

  1. Because we have Instant Note ® Service to offer

All our administration processes are monitored constantly by our colleagues, paying special attention to expiring licenses, dates and deadlines. Our Instant Note ® service offers a monthly report about all running procedures and a 3-month forecast about the expiring permits.

  1. Because we provide full assistance

Our company obtains and completes all the necessary forms, certificates and documents needed for each job. You don’t need to spend more long hours filling out forms and papers!

  1. Because we provide Personal Assist ® service

We strive to appoint a Personal Assistant beside every client from day one all the way through his or her stay. Thereby increasing our clients’ trust and guaranteeing continuity.

  1. Because we guarantee total reliability

At Residence Relocation all documents are handled fully confidential! We guarantee that no information will get into the possession of a third party.

  1. Because we offer full documentation storage

At Residence Relocation we fully organize and store all customer information and documentation, thereby facilitating the work of our HR colleagues.

  1. Because we guarantee a 24-hour standby time

Residence Relocation guarantees to respond within 24 hours after notification and will start the administration process immediately.