We offer a complete range of services relating to all aspects of re-location, whether it’s immigration, integration, international carriage, real estate services, and the establishment of companies or childcare services.

Immigration services

Comprehensive services for the administration of people arriving to Hungary.


  • Work permit
  • Work declaration
  • Work Contract
  • Permit exemption certificate


  • Residence permit
  • Registration card
  • Permanent registration card
  • Visa
  • Settling permit
  • Citizenship
  • Invitation letter



  • Address card
  • Address Registration
  • Address change registration
  • Land registration documents


  • Tax Card (APEH)
  • Social security Card (TB)
  • Social security Booklet (TAJ)
  • EU health card (E 101)
  • Tax certificate (APEH)

Car and driver's license

  • Customs clearance
  • License plate registration
  • V license plate
  • Acquiring Hungarian driver's license
  • Owner change registration

Corporate papers

  • Establishment of companies
  • Obtaining Certificate of incorporation
  • Tax certificate
  • Registration of Changes

Orientation Services

Complex assistance to individuals and families to make settling-in faster and smoother.

Property search

  • House or apartment for short-term
  • House or apartment for long term

Orientation services

  • Orientation
  • House hunt
  • Legal Assistance
  • Property transfer / takeover assistance
  • "Look and See" visits
  • Doctors Search
  • School / nursery search


We offer domestic - and foreign freight forwarding, warehousing, moving and customs clearance with company trucks and the help of reliable partners.

Personal belongings

  • Local and international moving of personal belongings
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Customs clearance

Corporate moves

  • Local and international moving of corporate belongings
  • Office moves
  • Storage
  • Containers
  • Customs clearance

Travel Services

We offer a full range of travel and touristic services, from one person up to 70 people.


  • City visits
  • Budapest tour
  • Trips to neighboring countries
  • Incentive tourism

Bus rental

  • Minivan rental without driver
  • Bus rental (9 – 70 seat)

Other services

Our company will gladly assist in all other cases as well.

Miscellaneous needs

  • Opening a bank account
  • Translations
  • Specialists
  • Doctors Search
  • Property management
  • Official moral conduct certificate
  • Replacement of lost documents, etc.

Special Packages

We offer two special packages to clients who want us to take all burdens off their shoulders.

Both the ExpatAid ® and the InvoiceAid ® packages have been designed specifically for the needs of foreigners living permanently in Hungary. Read on if you are interested in any of these services.

„ExpatAid ®” package

The ExpatAid ® package includes a number of maintenance services around the house, aimed at making life easier. The ExpatAid ® package includes the following services:

  • Defects inside the house. For example: water and gas pipes, electricity, security system, doors and windows, heating system, floor coverings, leakage, ect.
  • Regular tasks. For example: medical care, home care, babysitting, gardening, pool maintenance and cleaning.
  • One-time tasks which arise during or after moving in. For example: hanging pictures, setting up computer and Internet connection, setting up cable TV or satellite dish, contracting (gas, electricity, water companies) appliances, security system, repairing minor damages, household insurance, etc.
  • Short interpretation by phone, or. Translation and interpretation in general.
  • Special Tasks, which require unique knowledge, certificate or permit. For example: lawyer, official expert, notary or special advisor.

„InvoiceAid ®” package

We recommend our InvoiceAid ® package for those customers who do not wish to bother with public utility service providers, invoices and other payments. The InvoiceAid ® package includes the following services:

  • Liaison with utility providers
  • Regular reading of counters
  • Over watching of bills and cash payment of accounts where necessary
  • Handling and clarifying service or billing problems related to the utility providers